The company is equipped, among other things, with a tilting rotary furnace with oxy-fuel burner with a capacity of 5 m³, two fully automated mixers with capacity of 12 tons and 25 tons and an ingot casting line of 5-7 kg/pc, equipped with a melt filtration system (ceramic filters), with robot for packaging ingots.

The oven and the mixers are coupled to a ventilation system and two modern bag filters. Beside these facilities, there’s also a spectral analysis laboratory to determine the chemical composition and porosity of obtained alloys, which is why our products’ quality is guaranteed.

production and selling of aluminum alloys.

Products and services:
Alloys: ENAB.43000, ENAB.44100, ENAB.43200, 233, 239, SP29, AS9U3, 226D, ……. etc. The products are delivered both nationwide and exported.

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Almet Navodari Info

DN22B, Km.3, Năvodari, Constanţa county, Romania

– Secretarial: phone/fax 0241.76.89.88
– Email: Roupen Ardhaldjian, Jad Tawil
– Director: Menzat Orhan tel.0745.610.705

Almet Navodari Commercial info

Organization ID: J13/5260/1993
VAT ID: RO4999961

ISO 9001 (quality management system certification)

SR EN ISO 14001 (environmental impact management system certification)

OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety management system certification)

ISO/TS 16949 (quality management system certification)

ISO 17025 (laboratory quality management system certific ation)

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