Remat Prahova

In 1999, Remat Prahova was privatized, Tawil Group becoming the controlling shareholder. Since 1999, the company recorded profit every year, which was used for modernization and dividends. Remat Prahova processes more than 5000 tons of scrap monthly, mainly ferrous scrap.

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Remat Călărași

Remat calarasi processes more than 9000 tons of scrap monthly mainly non ferrous scrap. The company was privatized in 1998, Tawil Group becoming majority stockholder. Since 2001, SC Remat S.A. Calarasi had profit, achieving 1st place every year for the activity CAEN code 3832 (collection of sorted recyclable materials), according to the number of employees, turnover and net profit. S.C. Remat S.A. Calarasi obtained Award of Excellence each 3 years.

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Tawil Metal Recycling Deva

Tawil Metal Recycling Deva collects and processes ferrous and non ferrous scrap from the north western part of Romania mainly.

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