collection and sales of recyclable metallic scrap (CAEN code 3832)

Products and services:
ferrous and nonferrous metallic reusable materials, collected from various suppliers in the country, cut by oxyacetylene flame, pressed, baled. The products are delivered countrywide and for export.

Number of employees: over 130

– Calarasi Division: area of ​​82,214 sqm out of which 7.786 sqm buildings.
– Oltenita Division: area of ​​5.576 sqm out of which 277 sq m buildings. Address: Intrarea Calarasi, No.4.
– Fndulea Division: area of ​​4305 sqm out of which 328 sq m buildings. Address: Str.Garii, no.2.

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Remat Calarasi Info

str.Varianta Nord, nr.1, Călărași, Călărași county, 8500, Romania

Email: Jad Tawil, Florentina Manole
– Secretarial: phone 0242.331.821, 0242.331.039, fax: 0242.331.861, 0242.331.541
– Director: Ion Găbreanu phone 0745.035.930, email: gabreanu.calarasi@metalrom.ro
– Commercial: Florentina Manole phone 0745.035.916, email: florentina.calarasi@metalrom.ro
– Commercial: Stănel Rădulescu phone 0744.350.855, email: radulescu.calarasi@metalrom.ro

Remat Calarasi commercial info

Organization ID: J51/212/1991
VAT ID: RO1921852

Issued by IQNet and SRAC:
ISO 9001 (quality management system certification)
SR EN ISO 14001 (management system of environmental impact certification)
OHSAS 18001 (management system of occupational health and safety certification)
SA 8000 (social accountability standard certification)

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Issued by AFER (Romanian Railway Authority):
ISO 9001 (quality management system certification)

– Environmental Authorization (no.118 / 2011)
– Nuclear Field Authorization (no. ST013 / 2009)